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Title Creating Electronic Posters on the Web
Originator Roger Suthren
Department Geology, Oxford Brookes University, Gipsy Lane Campus, Headington, Oxford, OX3 0BP, UK
Tel. +44 (0)1865 484187
Fax +44 (0)1865 483242

At Oxford Brookes University, Roger Suthren gets his students to produce posters on the Web rather than on paper. The disadvantages of paper posters are well known:

Electronic posters on the Web have several counter-balancing advantages:
+ always accessible (but see below)
+ easy to update
+ can be interactive
+ easy to copy and print

They are not, however, without disadvantages of their own:
- prior training required in using Web browser and editor
- screen size limitations
- problems of student access to computers
- difficulty for student groups to design and view collectively


Electronic posters
World-Wide Web (WWW)

This is one of the case studies which appears in the GDN Guide "Teaching and Learning Geography with Information and Communication Technologies"

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