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Title CASE - Waste Minimisation Scenario
Originators Ross Mowbray and Helen Manns
Department Division of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, UK
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The Case project was a collaborative venture between the Universities of Northumbria and Newcastle that ran from September 1998 to March 1999. It was funded by the Department for Education and Employment HERDF 1998-99 and Tyneside Training and Enterprise Council.

The concept behind CASE was that in non-vocational disciplines student key skills can best be enhanced by making use of practical case study materials and "hands-on" activities. The principal aim of the project was to develop transferable teaching and learning strategies capable of meeting within an academic framework, specified employment needs of students studying non-vocational subject disciplines.

Scenario Outline

The Waste Minimisation Scenario is based around a hypothetical manufacturing company which, in a drive to improve environmental performance, has decided to undertake a waste minimisation exercise. The company has bought in consultant expertise (groups of five to six students) to advise on an appropriate waste minimisation strategy and priorities for action. Members of the board of directors (staff and external business representatives, if used) are on hand during the exercise to assist the consultants by interpreting the materials provided by the company and providing additional assistance if and when requested.

Delivery and Structure

The exercise is divided into four work sessions, the first three of which require decisions to be made which determine the information provided at subsequent stages. Session four consists of presentations to the board in which each group of consultants must outline and justify their proposed actions and strategy.

Since learning relating to waste minimisation specifically and industrial environmental management generally was a secondary function of the scenario, some prior knowledge has been assumed. However, appropriate references and a summary of the basic principals of waste minimisation are included in the materials. The scenario is designed for year three BSc Environmental Management students.

The scenario itself is a self-contained paper based exercise. Only one copy of the materials is required since pages can be freely copied. The exercise is designed to run over half a day but each work session could be run discretely over a longer period of time.


Environmental management
Transferable skills
Waste minimisation

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