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Geology and Man Exercise

Originator Colin Dixon (retired)
Department Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering (T H Huxley School), Imperial College, London, UK

Each team of final year students works as a company bidding for a contract to give geological advice to a Local Authority. The exercise takes one week from the time the students are given their company and invitation to tender details until the final presentation. Assessment is based on memos written by the individual students at the end of the exercise.


At the first meeting each team receives their invitation to tender for a contract, supporting information about the contract and a profile of the organisation they work for. The aim of the first meeting is for the teams to work out who is going to do what in the 7 days before the presentations. Each team needs to study the geology of the county, its mineral resources, hydrogeology etc. and to study the mineral policy of the County Council. It is up to each team to decide who is the leader and how many and who are going to speak at the presentation and on what aspect.

Each team will need to study the organisational profile and decide what special aspects of the organisation makes it ideally suited to be the contractor in terms of human and physical resources, location, past experience etc.

The teams are expected to present their final proposals in a sealed envelope before the presentation. These are not opened until after the oral presentations. They should be in the form of a list of fees and charges for the services required on a per day basis within the overall guidelines given in the documentation.

At the presentation, the chosen leader of the team should begin by introducing the company / partnership and the members of the team and their expertise. The form of the presentation is up to the team, but the evaluating panel will need to know about the company / partnership, its resources, location and how it proposes to undertake the contract work. The presentation should not last more than 20 minutes, allowing time for questions from the panel.

The assessment is based on individual memoranda no more than one side of A4 in 12 pitch type, handed in by 17.00 the day after the presentations. Each memorandum is to be addressed to the Chair of the Board of Directors or Chief Partner of the team's organisation. For the winning team members this should be an outline of why they think they were awarded the contract and how
the award will affect the future of the organisation. For members of the other teams the memorandum should be a brief analysis of the shortcomings of the bid and proposals for changes which may enable the organisation to gain similar contracts in the future.


Group work
Inpenedent learning
Presentation skills
Role play

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