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Title Illustrating Core Mathematics and Statistics with EXCELTM
Originator Graham Hendry
Department School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK
Tel. +44 (0)121 414 6159
Fax +44 (0)121 414 4942

Excel's "user friendly" interface, extensive charting facilities and mathematical and statistical functions (more than 100 in Excel 7) make it an ideal tool for teaching geo-mathematical modelling and statistics. One important feature that is often overlooked is Excel's ability to produce CAL (Computer Aided Learning) material using 'Form Controls' and Simple VBA macros. These can be used to help students, particularly those with limited mathematical experience, to visualise important concepts, either as part of spreadsheet exercises or as additional material made available, for example, via the School's Intranet. Interactive worksheets are used to illustrate mathematical (solution of simultaneous equations, roots of equations) and statistical concepts (the normal distribution, linear regression). Scroller bars and buttons are used to dynamically alter data and, hence, to animate associated graphics.


Computer-assisted learning

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