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Title The Expedition Approach to Independent Fieldwork
Originator David Petley
Department School of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences, University of Portsmouth, UK
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This abstract outlines the expedition approach to non-supervised fieldwork. This is not a new approach but it is one that the geological community has possibly under-utilised despite the many advantages that it has to offer. In the expedition approach, small groups of students are encouraged to plan and undertake fieldwork in relatively-remote locations outside Europe. To complete such a field expedition the group of students will have to undertake background research into the proposed field area, plan the logistics including accommodation and transportation, gain the relevant permissions, raise the required funds, plan and execute the fieldwork and record and document the research that they have undertaken. Whilst this may be the case for independent fieldwork undertaken closer to home, such a field expedition will require very much more complex and detailed planning. Thus, although each student will complete an independent project, they will have to work as a coherent and effective team to achieve their aims.

Advantages of the Expedition Approach:



Group work
Independent learning

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