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Title The Use of Supplemental Instruction in Learning Information Technology Skills
Originator Stuart Oliver
Department Department of Geography, St Mary's University College, University of Surrey, TW1 4SX
Tel. +44 (0)181 240 4075
Fax. +44 (0)181 240 4255

Initial problem:
a perceived difficulty for a significant minority of students with learning information-technology skills.
What the practice is trying to achieve:
to organize and develop a student-led programme to facilitate collaborative learning in information technology.
How our practices were changed:
the principal change was one of attitude, that the process of educational exploration may well be more important than the act of discovery. A Supplemental Instruction co-ordinator was appointed, responsible for mediating between students and the institution. Supplemental Instruction leaders were appointed, trained, and paid to support the students in a variety of ways ranging from queries on timetabling to learning strategies.
The gains and losses:
the principal gains were improved grades for students attending, and a challenge to the teacher/taught culture. This was achieved at the cost of the investment of time and money in the training. Supplemental Instruction had to be suspended after enforced timetable changes made it unworkable.

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Information technology
IT skills
Student-led programme
Supplemental instruction

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