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Title Self-Evaluation by Students
Originator Dr Liz Bondi
Department Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP
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I mark essays using a pro forma marking sheet. Before essays are returned to students, class time is set aside and students are asked to reread clean copies of their essays. They evaluate their own essays using a similar pro forma to the one I use.

Time is set aside for individual meetings with students at which I ask them to tell me what they thought of their essay. I use this to open up a dialogue in which I bring in my own observations. My overall aim is to support students in their own study. Marked essays are returned during these individual meetings.

I do not ask students to submit their own evaluations. I encourage them to use them for their own purposes. On one course I negotiate class marks individually by reserving 25% of the marks for a component on "contribution to the class discussion". The quality of the contributions is discussed (non-evaluatively) with individual students and class marks are adjusted by agreement in the context of this discussion.


Pro forma
Self assessment

This abstract has been reproduced with the kind permission of the ASSHE Project, which was undertaken under the auspices of the Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals and with the financial support of the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council.

Hounsell, D., McCulloch, M. and Scott, M. (Editors) The ASSHE Inventory: Changing Assessment Practices in Scottish Higher Education, (The University of Edinburgh & Napier University), p. 92
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