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Title Virtual Fieldwork in Geography
Originator George Dardis, Rob Kitchin and Nick Tate
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Fieldwork remains a problem in terms of accessibility to many students, either because of physical disability or cost. The World-Wide Web provides a medium which allows increasing access to remote sites and areas, and to areas which are otherwise inaccessible (e.g. institutions, factories, extra-terrestrial surfaces, etc.). Web-based virtual course materials are still at a rudimentary stage but they are changing rapidly. Here we provide URLs for a range of web sites which provide access to varying degrees.

Relevant Web Sites:
CTICG (Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Geography). Lists a very wide range of virtual courses and fieldtrips world-wide.
The Virtual Geography Department. At the University of Texas at Austin includes details of Virtual Geography Workshop and some sample modules (e.g. Workshop Space: A Case Study in Urbanization and Environment; K.E. Foote and S. Crum). This site also includes a world list of virtual fieldtrips (under construction) and a subject list of virtual fieldtrips
Citynet web-site, good for general information on cities world-wide.
Association of Polish Geomorphologists site which has an evolving Virtual geomorphology book.
A Virtual Cave site.

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