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Title The use of Press Releases within Political Geography
Originator Peter Garside
Department School of Geography, Kingston University, KT1 2EE
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The aim of this exercise was three fold:

Initially, the students were given a list of Web sites which gave specific instructions on how to construct a Press Release. As part of the exercise they had to discover what the purpose and format of a Press Release were and then apply this presentational medium to a set exercise. They were then instructed to 'adopt' a particular location within the world, where there was a ongoing or recent territorial dispute, and appoint themselves as the International Relations Officer for the area. The role being to represent the area to the global community, from the viewpoint of the controlling authority, as a stable location for inward investment. This representation had to be in the form of a press release, which documented the actions of the controlling parties to alleviate any unrest or dispute in the location and detailed its comparative advantage.

The press releases where then redistributed amongst the group (anonymously) and in the following seminar series each person had to present a critical response to the work they were given, focusing on the nature of the dispute from an alternative perspective. The principal exercise encouraged the students to condense their knowledge into very specific statements, to present ideas in a very concise way, to appreciate a presentational technique they may encounter in their career development, to critique information given to them and to appreciate, through role play as an active part of a publicity system, the crucial aspect 'representation' plays within political geography.

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