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Title Self-Appraisal
Originator Wendy Lidster
Department Department of Geography, Lancaster University, LA1 4YB
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The tutorial aims to let students reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of their coursework. It allows the tutor to identify the students' perceptions of their achievements and to use this as a comparator with his/her own assessment. It allows the student to be more actively involved in the assessment process and, if used often, it builds up in the student a clearer view of their own achievements and of the academic practices which higher education is trying to instil in them.

The tutorial involves giving the first-year students in a tutorial group an essay marking cover sheet which they complete and hand in (in a sealed envelope) along with their essay. Once the tutor has marked the essay 'blind', he/she completes another cover sheet with comments and a mark. The two then meet individually and review the essay and formally compare the two cover sheets. The tutor can justify his/her comments to the student and the student can say why they gave the comments they did. A process of mark negotiation can be undertaken.

The process works best if done for more than one essay - the process takes a little getting used to by both parties. There is also the difficulty that some students do not take it seriously (e.g. a suggested mark of 99%), or refuse to see assessment as a legitimate part of their student role, or are over-critical of their own work (more common with the better students). At a very simple level the exercise builds up a rapport with the students.

This tutorial provides a simple introduction reflective practice in higher education.


Reflective practice

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