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Title Using the WWW in Teaching and Learning
Originator Dr. Mark Mulligan
Department Department of Geography, King's College London,Strand, London, WC2R 2LS
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WWW Department of Geography, King's College London

The Department has invested in the development of a powerful and extensive WWW site. The site is divided into two areas. One of the areas is globally accessible and provides info about the teaching and research in the department for publicity purposes. Links to the college-wide, university wide and world wide library catalogues, online journal subscriptions, online abstracting services, publishers and online bookshops, WWW and mailing list search engines, specific WWW resources used in teaching, online organisations e.g. UN, UNEP, EU, UK government etc and newspapers/journals are also here. The second major section of the site is accessible only to machines on the King's site and includes, student email addresses, a noticeboard for document delivery and a newsgroup - the KCL undergrad-forum. The newsgroup acts as an easy way for staff to post notices and data to groups of students and a way for students to discuss aspects of the course and ask each other course related questions. Staff email addresses are also here. Also in this part of the site are online versions of all the reading lists, coursework handouts, past exam papers and grouped resources including data and models for individual courses under course pages.

The WWW site is used as a central source for online information, as a tool for teaching in tutorials and as a supporting information base for providing backup information to students to assist their own learning.


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