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Title Mentoring New Tutors
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In most years there will be someone in every Department who will be running tutorials or seminars for the first time in their career. This might be a new member of the academic staff, a teaching fellow or a postgraduate. Sometimes this person will have received prior training on how to teach small groups; even so, a mentor to guide their early practical application of their training to dealing with real students is likely to prove fruitful. All the more so if they have not yet received training in small-group teaching.

In 1996-7 the Department of Geography instituted a system of mentoring for new tutors. Eight experienced members of staff were paired with a similar number of new tutors during their first year (and particularly the first term) of tutoring. Staff were allocated to the new tutors but the pairings could be flexible. Human geography mentors were assigned to new tutors with a physical geography background and vice versa so as to provide most support in the area of geography with which the new tutor might feel least at ease.

The mentor's role was as follows:

The system was much appreciated by the new tutors and will be used again in subsequent years.



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