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Title Investigation into the Theory and Practice and Marketing Tourist Places: Case Study of the Heart of England Tourist Region
Originator Barry Percy-Smith
Department Department of Geography, Nene College
Tel. +44 (0)1604 735500
Fax +44 (0)1604 791114

Set against the backdrop of social and economic restructuring in Britain and the increasing importance of leisure and tourist opportunities, this project provides students with the opportunity to critically analyse how tourist places are marketed in terms of tourist experiences and the meanings and values of consumers and providers attach to tourist places. It involves applying theories and concepts learned during the course to the evaluation of policy; it necessitates students becoming familiar with the literature and stimulates the development of transferable skills through group work, self-directed learning and presentations.

The project ran over six weeks. The first week involved a lecture introducing relevant ideas concerned with the Geography of Tourism and the setting up of the project. The class was split into 6 groups of 5. Each group was issued with details of the project, including bibliography and an informal pack - which included a copy of the tourist marketing strategy for the region together with information about tourist places in the region. The nature of the project was outlined and queries answered. The second and third weeks provided time for the groups to progress with the project with the tutor available for advice and guidance as required. On the sixth week the groups presented their project results in two sets of three groups, in the form of a 40 minute oral and visual presentation.

The project was assessed through the presentation (option for peer evaluation) and an exam question. The students that undertook the project enthusiastically also tended to answer the exam question and in most cases achieved high standards. The option also exists for students to submit an individual written report as a course work option. As well as providing a productive learning experience this learning format also releases time for the tutor as well as minimising the burden of assessment.


Critical analysis
Group work
Marketing strategies
Self-directed learning
Tourist experiences
Tourist places

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