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Title Teaching Research Skills to Undergraduates
Originator Richard Baker
Department Department of Geography, School of Resource Management and Environmental Science, Australian National University, ACT 0200, Australia
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What are we trying to do in teaching?

University teaching involves a balance between imparting knowledge and developing student self learning. The relative balance varies both between disciplines and within courses in any given discipline. It is also important to realise that different students have different learning needs, with some requiring the balance to tip towards accumulating factual knowledge and others requiring a focus on the development of self-learning skills. Moreover the balance for particular students will vary at different times in their university careers. Meeting these varying needs creates seemingly insurmountable challenges to university teachers. Given differences between student needs for knowledge and self learning it is clearly impossible to pitch a conventional lecture course at the appropriate point for each student. In this paper I outline a range of teaching approaches used to develop student self learning skills.

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