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Title Student Research Projects with Community Environment Groups
Originator Richard Baker
Department Department of Geography, School of Resource Management and Environmental Science, Australian National University, ACT 0200, Australia
Tel. +61 6 249 4873
Fax +61 6 2493770
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In 1994 I took up a position teaching in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at the Australian National University. I was asked to run a new unit - "Applied Geography". The course involves students doing a research project. I decided to make the "Landcare movement" a uniting research focus for all these projects. "Landcare" is a community based environmental movement that developed in Australia in the 1980s. It evolved as a result of individual land owners grouping together to address environmental problems facing their local regions. In 1989 an alliance was formed between the two peak non government organisations representing the Australian conservation movement and farmers to lobby the federal Australian government to provide funds and co-ordination for Landcare. This alliance of two organisations that previously had viewed each with mutual suspicion played a major role in the federal government designating the 1990s as the "Decade of Landcare".

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