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Title A Strategy for Teaching Oral Presentation Skills
Originator Iain Hay
Department School of Geography, Population and Environmental Management, The Flinders University of South Australia, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia
Tel. +61 8 8201 2386
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Teaching students the ability to communicate is acknowledged to be a central objective of university education. The oral presentation of research findings by students represents an internationally used device by which skills in spoken communication are developed and tested. Often, however, presentations are demanded from students with little preliminary advice being provided on the keys to effective oral presentation.

I have developed a strategy for teaching oral communication skills which comprises five components: fear reduction, critical observation of professional speakers, video-tape and written guidance, student presentations, and adoption of an appropriate form of assessment (sometimes involving peer assessment). The teaching-and-learning strategy also includes the provision to students of guidelines for preparing and delivering an effective talk.

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Communication skills
Oral presentation

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