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Title Creating a Learning Resource on the World Wide Web
Originator Greg Spellman
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Recently there has been an increase in Internet based educational aids for the teaching of meteorology and other topics in Geography on the WWW. These can be stimulating, interactive, have attractive designs and images, incorporate useful links to other sources of information and can be updated on a regular basis. A WWW based exercise was undertaken by our Second Year Geography students as part of a Meteorology/Climatology lecture/practical course. It was intended to practice not only IT skills but a variety of generic transferable skills and subject specific skills.

Over the course of three weeks tuition students received:

After brief tuition students were instructed to create a 'learning resource' (or some educational instructional document) that could be used by others studying meteorology at perhaps a slightly lower level (eg. 1st year). Students were required to use the Editor in Netscape 3.0 browser - this works very much like a word processor, bypassing the need to learn complicated HTML language and ensuring mastery in less than an hour.

Topics that could be selected included

(ie very broad)

Students could use materials from anywhere - an initial list of sites was circulated


Although I would not recommend that this type of assignment is done more than once in the students' College lifetime it did practice numerous skills and to some extent enhance the learning process.

Skills practised and the advantages of this type of exercise are as follows:

General Information on the writing of Web pages.


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