About the Geography Discipline Network (GDN)

Background Information

The Geography Discipline Network (GDN) was initially funded by the Employment Department / DfEE under its EHE Discipline Networks programme. The GDN was established at Nene College (now University College Northampton) and ran for two successive years from 1994/5. The base for the GDN moved to the Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education (now the University of Gloucestershire) in September 1996 to start a 33 month project to look at 'Dissemination of Good Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practices in Geography'. This project was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England's (HEFCE) 'Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning' initiative.

The FDTL project consisted of a consortium team from nine higher education institutions (HEIs), representing a mix of old and new universities and colleges of higher education. The ten FDTL guides were published in September - December 1998:

The GDN combined with three other FDTL projects – Earth Sciences Staff Development Project (ESSD), Science Education Enhancement and Development (SEED), and Hertfordshire Integrated Learning Project (HILP) – to obtain additional HEFCE 'continuation' and 'transferability' funding, to further disseminate and enhance the work from the original FDTL projects.

Due to the success of the FDTL project, it was decided to retain a similar format and style for the DfEE-funded 'Key Skills in Geography in Higher Education' project, which consisted of a consortium team of ten HEIs. The eight DfEE guides were published from January - May 2000:

From January 2000 - November 2001, the GDN undertook another HEFCE-funded project 'Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities', as part of its 'Improving Provision for Disabled Students' initiative. The six online guides were published in December 2001:

The GDN team is currently working on the HEFCE-funded 'Inclusive Curriculum Project (ICP)', which aims to develop, disseminate and embed resources for supporting disabled students studying geography, earth and environmental sciences in higher education and to transfer the generic lessons widely to subject-based academics, educational developers, learning support staff and disability advisors.

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