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Key Skills in the Geography Curriculum

Summary of Event

This seminar, the second of a series on Developing Key Skills in Geography, was organised by the Geography Discipline Network (GDN) and the Higher Education Study Group (HESG) of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG). The seminar formed part of the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, held at the University of Sussex on 5 January 2000. Over 40 people participated, many of whom had not previously been to HESG sessions.

Sue BurkillThe first half of the seminar consisted of three presentations, based around the publications produced by the 'Key Skills in Geography in Higher Education' project:

The second half of the seminar was arranged around three parallel workshops which considered issues arising from attempting to integrate the teaching and learning of each of the skills examined in the first part of the session.

Michael BradfordComments were received from participants of each workshop in a plenary session. A summary of the key issues arising from this session are listed below:

  1. Key skills need to be integrated effectively into the curriculum
  2. Key skills should be linked to learning theory
  3. Key skills should be made explicit to students (and staff)
  4. Key skills should be assessed so that students treat them as important
  5. Staff need to deal with the diversity of existing levels of skills and needs within a particular group of students
  6. Students and staff need to take the issue of key skills seriously

The third, and final, seminar of this series 'New Perspectives on Developing Key Skills in Geography' took place at University College Northampton on Wednesday 29 March 2000.

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