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Continuation Project

Transferability Project
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Continuation Project

This project brings together and extends the activities undertaken by four projects from Phase One of the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) initiative:


Joint Symposium (led by ESSD)
The aims of this symposium will be to promote the contribution of the FDTL activities, to share experiences of managing education projects, and to begin to identify what the three disciplines might learn from each other about best practice. These discussions will contribute to the development of the agenda for the new Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and enable more staff from the three disciplines to get to know one another. This will help to lay the professional and personal foundations on which the new centre will be able to build. The symposium will take place on 8 March 2000 at the Great Northern Hotel, London.

Good Practice Database (led by GDN)
The GDN has established a very successful database containing studies of good practice drawn mainly from geography. This database will be updated and extended by adding contributions from the earth and environmental sciences.

Joint Booklet (led by SEED)
A booklet will be written and circulated to all relevant departments highlighting the work of all the FDTL and TLTP projects in geography, earth and environmental sciences. This will help to promote a shared community of interest across the disciplines and it will also be used to mark and promote the move forward to the new subject centre.

Developing International Links (led by GDN)
The GDN has recently established an international network of geographers interested in the development of HE teaching and learning, namely the International Network for Learning and Teaching of Geography in Higher Education (INLT). There are similar networks operating in environmental and earth sciences, including the Association of University Departments of Environmental Sciences in Europe (AUDES) and the International Geo-Sciences Education Organisation. These networks will be used to bring the work of the FDTL projects to an international audience and to identify ways in which the projects and new subject centre can benefit from good practice in these disciplines overseas.

Developing Cross-Disciplinary Links (led by HILP)
The HILP project differs from the other three in that it includes eleven subject ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities and from civil engineering to social work. Building on this experience, further cross-disciplinary dissemination of relevant materials from the four projects will be undertaken, focussing on materials for skills development. The planned output will be the production of Web pages highlighting the potential cross-disciplinary applications of the skills work already undertaken by the projects.


Transferability Project

Project I: Additional Department-based Workshops and Further Dissemination

The GDN has produced a set of Guides, Web-based resources and workshops aimed at experienced geography lecturers. The Guides have received much international critical praise. The team has found that one of the most effective ways of disseminating these materials has been through department-based workshops because:

Project II: Adapting and Disseminating Existing Materials to Recently Appointed Teaching Staff in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

A two-day residential workshop will take place 23-24 May 2000. It will be designed as a pilot workshop for c30 teaching staff appointed in the previous three years, including full-time and part-time lecturers, teaching fellows and tutors. The workshop will be designed to provide a disciplinary-based input into assisting staff meet the guidelines for the Institute of Learning and Teaching (ILT). The workshop will contribute material for participants to build portfolios of evidence for their professional development records required for ILT membership. A certificate of participation will be given to staff completing the workshop.

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