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Aims of the Project

To develop and disseminate models of good practice for the embedding of key skills in the Higher Education curriculum, with specific reference to the discipline of geography.

Project Team

The GDN is a consortium of Geography Departments based at the Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education. Seven other institutions are involved in the project (see list below). The partners have experience of working together effectively; they are all part of the Project Team in the HEFCE-funded FDTL project.

Lead Site

Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education Professor Mick Healey Project Director
Dr Phil Gravestock Project Officer
Heidi Meehan Assistant Project Officer
Dr Jacky Birnie
Dr Tim Hall


College of St Mark and St John Sue Burkill
Derry Corey
Lancaster University Dr Gordon Clark
Terry Wareham
Liverpool John Moores University Professor Vince Gardiner
Middlesex University Ifan Shepherd
University College London Dr Clive Agnew
University College Northampton Professor Hugh Matthews
Dr Ian Livingstone
University of Manchester Professor Michael Bradford
University of Plymouth Professor Brian Chalkley
University of Surrey Institute Roehampton Dr Karel Hughes

Advisory Panel

Jane Austick (Development Manager, HEQE, DfEE)
Colette Cooke (Careers Advisor, Careers Service, University of Manchester/UMIST)
Professor Lewis Elton (Educational Developer, University College London)
Dr Rita Gardner (Director and Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers)
Professor Alan Jenkins (Educational Developer and Geographer, Oxford Brookes University)
Victoria Newton (Manager, Environment, British Airways)
Elaine Owen (Educational Products Manager, Ordnance Survey)
Eleanor Rawling (Consultant: Geography Education)
Kester Wilkinson (Contracts Manager - Education, Gloucestershire TEC)

International Advisor

Dr Iain Hay (Geographer, Flinders University, Australia)


By the end of this project we will have:
  1. identified the key skills geography students possess at entry to Higher Education (HE) and the extent to which key skills are taught in geography degree courses
  2. developed models of good practice for embedding the learning, teaching, practice and assessment of these key skills in the geography curriculum
  3. disseminated the outcomes of the project to the 80 geography departments in England and to the wider national and international academic community through:

Funding and Timetable

The DfEE has awarded the project 100,000 from 1 May 1998 to 30 April 2000.

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