Providing Learning Support for d/Deaf Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

About the Authors

Terry Wareham (University of Lancaster)

Terry is Director of the Higher Education Development Centre at Lancaster University, one of whose main areas of work is support for the development of teaching within the institution. Terry taught English in Italy for two years, after completing a MA in English at Lancaster University, before returning to the UK to do a Cert. Ed. course to teach in further education. She has had experience in teaching in most areas of the post-compulsory education sector in the UK. Since 1982 she has worked extensively in the areas of teaching development in further and higher education. Terry was appointed Staff Development Officer at Lancaster University in 1991, with particular responsibility for academic staff development, and has been Director of the Higher Education Development Centre from 1999.

Gordon Clark (University of Lancaster)

Gordon is an economic geographer with interests in how to teach the subject better in higher education. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh and joined Lancaster University in 1975. He has been a team member of the Geography Discipline Network (GDN) and co-wrote the GDN guide 'Small-group Teaching in Geography' and was co-author of the student guide 'Geography@University' for the 'Key Skills in Geography in Higher Education' GDN project, funded by the DfEE.

Crissie Laugesen (University of Central Lancashire)

Christine is the translator for deaf staff at the University of Central Lancashire, and lectures on the new Year 0 for deaf students. She is also a freelance writer and was previously a lecturer in English and Literacy at Preston College and worked as Development Officer for hearing impairment at the Department of Continuing Education at Lancaster University.

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