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Providing Learning Support for d/Deaf Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

  1. About the Authors
  2. Editors' Preface
  3. What is Deafness?
  4. d/Deaf students in higher education: opening doors
  5. They can lip-read, can't they?
  6. Can't I just write it down?
  7. Deaf? deaf? What does it all mean?
  8. Medical and Social Models of Disability as Applied to Deafness
  9. Communication and d/Deafness
  10. The invisible disability
  11. What is British Sign Language (BSL)?
  12. Why do some d/Deaf students use English or Sign-Supported English (SSE) and others use BSL?
  13. What is Deaf culture?
  14. d/Deaf Etiquette and Hints for Effective Communication
  15. What's in a name?
  16. How can I communicate more effectively?
  17. d/Deaf Students Choosing and Embarking on Courses
  18. Selecting courses which involve fieldwork
  19. Course induction
  20. What d/Deaf Students say about Fieldwork
  21. Improving Learning While in the Field
  22. Briefing students in the field?
  23. Students interviewing key officials
  24. Students interviewing members of the public
  25. Giving students emergency warnings of actual or potential hazardous conditions while in the field
  26. Improving Learning Before and After Fieldwork
  27. Briefing students before going into the field
  28. Group work in the field
  29. Post-fieldwork de-briefing and reporting
  30. Could Good Fieldwork for d/Deaf Students Mean Good Fieldwork for All?
  31. Some Useful Signs
  32. References and Links

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