Providing Learning Support for Students with Hidden Disabilities and Dyslexia Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

The Student Voice

Claire is a final year geographer with extensive fieldwork experience in the UK and overseas

"Fieldwork is the best thing about geography; a good way to learn"
"But it's difficult for me to make notes in the field"
"Please put more information in handouts distributed in advance of the trip"
"Ask guest lecturers to slow down"

Robert is also an experienced final year geographer

"In marking the field note books, the staff did not seem to know about my dyslexia"
"I love fieldwork but submission deadlines immediately at the end of the course are just too tight. I can't work that fast"
"In group work I like to lead but I am not so good at fine-tuning the report. That's for others"
"I need the handouts well before getting on the coach"

Penny is a first year geologist with dyslexia and Meares Irlen syndrome

"Reading in bright sunlight is especially difficult"
"Back in the lab I need a coloured filter over the light source in the microscope"

Philippa is a final year Geology student with multiple disabilities - asthma, arthritis and dyslexia

"I enjoy fieldwork but can't walk far and get very tired: so it's hard to work in the evenings"
"It's difficult to remember all the instructions in field exercises... I need regular reminders"
"A warm bath helps my joint pains. A shower in a cramped caravan isn't so good"
"Coloured paper and big print makes reading a lot easier"

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