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Providing Learning Support for Students with Hidden Disabilities and Dyslexia Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

  1. About the Authors
  2. Editors' Preface
  3. Introduction and Context
  4. Students with disabilities: new expectations and priorities
  5. Why fieldwork support matters
  6. The purpose and organisation of this guide
  7. Dyslexia and Other Hidden Disabilities
  8. What is dyslexia?
  9. Issues for students with dyslexia embarking on traditional fieldwork activities
  10. What are the other 'hidden' disabilities?
  11. Fieldwork barriers facing these students
  12. How to Support Students with Dyslexia
  13. Support before the fieldtrip
  14. Support during the fieldtrip
  15. Support after the fieldtrip
  16. How to Support Students with Other Hidden Disabilities
  17. Some general support issues
  18. Support issues for particular medical conditions
  19. The Student Voice
  20. Some Closing Thoughts
  21. Bibliography
  22. Appendix 1
  23. Appendix 2

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