Providing Learning Support for Students with Mental Health Difficulties Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Access to Fieldwork for Students Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties

This site encourages staff to plan fieldwork with consideration for the needs of students experiencing mental health difficulties. The site will help lecturers to provide opportunities for fieldwork learning that may benefit all students and reduce barriers to effective learning.

Guidelines are suggested which do not require any specialist knowledge of mental illness and most of the proposals are very simple to implement. In developing this site we have tried to make it as practical and realistic as possible by including information derived from the experiences of staff and students.

We have provided some brief information that will help staff to understand and/or recognise some of the most common mental illnesses to help them to reduce their own anxiety about their ability to support students who are ill. However, the diagnosis of mental illness must be left to appropriately clinically qualified experts. When using any part of this site you should also remember that the best source of information is frequently the individual students concerned: it is not 'the condition' that is being offered fieldwork, it is the person!

Page updated 14 December 2001

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