Providing Learning Support for Students with Mental Health Difficulties Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Effective Fieldwork for Students Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties

These pages are divided into six sections, designed to help you to ensure that the fieldwork experience is effective and enjoyable for all students and staff:

Preparation and Communication
Guidance on preparatory actions that can be taken to reduce the impact of any difficulties that may be experienced by students
In the Field
Guidance on supporting students during fieldwork
Brief guidance on the issue of confidentiality in respect of students' personal concerns
Identifying and Responding to Students in Difficulty
Information to help staff to recognise the symptoms of mental illness and gives general advice for staff who encounter students who are experiencing mental health difficulties, including action in an emergency
Case studies
Some experiences of colleagues, and their recommendations
Further Information
Access to a range of other relevant sources of information, help and advice.

The sections can be accessed sequentially or individually. The information in each of the sections is inevitably inter-related, and relevant links are provided where appropriate. If you get lost, use the link to the Table of Contents — which you will be able to access from every screen. You can also get back to this point from any screen by using the 'Return to Centre' link.

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