Providing Learning Support for Students with Mental Health Difficulties Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Identifying and Responding to Students in Difficulty

Identifying students in difficulty

In the section on Organising the Field Course and Making Special Arrangements, we suggested ways in which you might encourage students to let you know about any difficulties they may have, either through responses on a health and safety questionnaire, or by coming to talk to you about any concerns that they have about the field experience. In most cases the students will be well known to the department and will already be receiving any support or treatment that may be required, and there will be no reason to assume that their contribution to, and enjoyment of, the field course will be any different from that of any other student.

There may be some students who are reluctant to talk about or even admit their problems, or for whom the onset or recurrence of difficulties is very recent or even occurs during the field course. There are a number of behaviours that may suggest to you that there may be a problem that you may have to address. How you do this depends to some extent on whether this is prior to, or during, the field course.

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