Providing Learning Support for Students with Mental Health Difficulties Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Identifying and Responding to Students in Difficulty

Behaviours that might indicate mental health difficulties

Students whose illness is controlled by drugs, counselling or other therapeutic intervention may show no symptoms of their difficulties to staff or fellow students. Students whose illness is not fully controlled, or who have not sought help or recognised themselves that they have a problem may show some of the behaviours listed below:

These symptoms may indicate that a student currently has a mental illness, but some similar symptoms may be unrelated to mental illness and may be temporary reactions to stress or grief. Diagnosis of mental illness should only be undertaken by a qualified clinician.

The section on Identifying and Responding to Students in Difficulty gives guidance on how to respond if you are concerned about a student. You should remember that it is very unlikely that any serious illness will manifest itself for the first time during field work, and any serious problems should have been picked up earlier in a student’s course.

See also Common Illnesses and Symptoms.

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