Providing Learning Support for Students with Mental Health Difficulties Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Case Studies and Discussion Scenarios

Discussion scenario 3

During the field course Mary comes to see you and tells you that she is finding the field experience very difficult. She doesn't get on with the other students in her group and says that they pick on her. She seems very anxious and tearful. You feel she may be over-reacting, but you manage to reassure her, and encourage her to come to talk to you if the problems persist. During the field course she seeks you out on a regular basis, and although talking to you seems to help her, you become concerned that her difficulties may not just stem from a personality clash with the other students. After the course Mary continues to come to see you to talk about other problems she is having and becomes increasingly demanding. When you suggest that she might need help and suggest she talks to someone in the Counselling Service, she becomes tearful and then angry, saying she thought you were her friend, and now you are rejecting her.

  1. How would you respond to her when she is angry?
  2. What might explain Mary's behaviour?
  3. Could you have prevented this situation arising?

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