Providing Learning Support for Students with Mobility Impairments Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Before Fieldwork

Admission processes

Before students enter the course they should be made aware of any potential difficulties which might be encountered, and discussions entered into. Any potentially mobility-impaired student should be invited for an interview. They could be shown the facilities (with their limitations/restrictions) and have explained to them what is required of them within the curriculum, including any fieldwork component. This interview and preliminary discussion might also benefit from the involvement of other staff, including specialist staff with responsibility for fieldwork, the institution's Disability Adviser and the local Health and Safety representative. Students might be asked how s/he feel about what is being proposed. It is helpful to seek factual examples as to how their learning needs are currently being met, and to leave the choice over whether to study at your department with the student. The emphasis must all the time be upon the negotiation with the student as an individual, with specific and unique circumstances. Students should be asked what barriers they perceive to exist, and how they believe the department can reduce or remove them. If they decide to apply, it is very important that the student understands the need to apply for a Disabled Students Allowance.

Page updated 14 December 2001

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