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Providing Learning Support for Students with Mobility Impairments Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

  1. About the Authors
  2. Editors' Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. The Impact of Mobility Impairment on Fieldwork
  5. Before Fieldwork
  6. Course validation
  7. Admission processes
  8. Fieldwork planning
  9. Strategies for Fieldwork
  10. Facilitate the activity so that the student can participate in it
  11. Facilitate the activity so that the student can participate in it, but at a different location
  12. Substitute an alternative activity with the same learning outcome(s)
  13. Provide additional time for the activity, and/or for gaining access
  14. Don't do real fieldwork, do virtual fieldwork instead
  15. Wheelchair considerations
  16. After Fieldwork
  17. Practical Matters
  18. Travel
  19. Legal considerations
  20. Resources
  21. Staff development and training
  22. Obtaining information on living with disability
  23. Hiring or loaning equipment
  24. Minibuses
  25. References and Internet Sources
  26. Appendices
  27. A faction, illustrating what might go wrong...
  28. Case studies
  29. Case Study - The Kepplewray Centre
  30. Dogs and mobility
  31. Holiday care
  32. Matt P.
  33. Wheelchair Protocol

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