Issues in Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities


This guide is intended as an introduction and overview to the other five guides, each of which looks at a particular form of disability. It examines specific issues in providing learning support for disabled students undertaking fieldwork. The emphasis is on identifying the barriers that disabled students face to participating fully in fieldwork and the ways in which institutions, departments and tutors taking field classes can help to reduce or overcome them. There is a section on the role of fieldwork in the curriculum for disability advisers and other readers who are not familiar with this mode of teaching and learning. However, the majority of the guide focuses on issues, such as models of disability, the legislative and regulatory framework and the Quality Assurance Agency Code of Practice, which tutors supporting disabled students will find helpful. There are separate sections on creating an inclusive fieldwork curriculum and the role of Disabled Students' Advisors.

Inclusive field trip design will envisage a variety of potential participants, and accommodate as many varied needs as possible without compromising the educational objectives.

(University of Strathclyde, 2000, p.2)

If widening participation is to become a reality for disabled students, academic staff will need to take ownership of disability issues and work in partnership with disability practitioners and disabled students to ensure an appropriate learning experience.

(Adams & Brown, 2000, p.9)

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