Issues in Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

About the Authors

Mick Healey (University of Gloucestershire)

Mick is Professor of Geography and Director of the Geography Discipline Network (GDN), based at the University of Gloucestershire. He is also the Senior Geography Advisor for the National Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. Mick has over twenty-five years' experience teaching and researching geography in higher education in old and new universities and colleges. He has directed three consortium projects on: 'Computer-assisted learning in geography' (Teaching and Learning Technology Programme - TLTP); 'Dissemination of good teaching, learning and assessment practices in geography' (Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning - FDTL); and 'Key skills in geography in higher education' (Department for Education and Employment - DfEE). Mick is a past Editor and current Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Geography in Higher Education; member of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers' (RGS-IBG) Council and Education Committee. He is co-leader of the 'Enhancing fieldwork quality through pedagogic research' programme for the Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences National Subject Centre. In 2000 he was awarded one of the first twenty National Teaching Fellowships.

Alan Jenkins (Oxford Brookes University)

Alan has long taught and researched geography at Brookes with a research/scholarly specialism of teaching geography in higher education. He now works in the Westminster Institute at Brookes as an educational developer/researcher working across the institution in all departments to improve aspects of teaching including fieldwork. Alan was a member of a Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC/JTAP) funded virtual fieldcourse project and was co-founder and editor of the Journal of Geography in Higher Education and helped set up the specialist study group on geography in higher education in the RGS-IBG. He is author of Fieldwork With More Students, co-author of Teaching Geography in Higher Education, was author of the GDN guide Curriculum Design in Geography and was advisor for the 'Key Skills in Geography in Higher Education' DfEE-funded GDN project. Currently he is advisor to the national FDTL Project 'Link' on linking teaching and research in built environment disciplines and co-leader of the 'Enhancing fieldwork quality through pedagogic research' programme for the Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Subject Centre.

Jonathan Leach (Oxford Brookes University)

Jonathan is the full-time Project Manager/Researcher responsible for the day-to-day running of the Oxford Student Mental Health Network. Previously Jonathan was Deputy Course Director for City University’s MSc course in Disability Management in Work and Rehabilitation. Prior to that he worked for RESTORE, a voluntary sector mental health project in Oxford.

Carolyn Roberts (University of Gloucestershire)

Carolyn is Head of the School of Environment at the University of Gloucestershire. She has over twenty years' experience in higher education teaching and management, including current management of a large multidisciplinary department embracing the teaching of approximately forty-five staff spread across seventeen degree programmes from geology and the environmental sciences, through geography, into areas of applied humanities such as rural planning and local policy, and design-based courses such as landscape architecture. A physical geographer by origin, she has previously published on environmental higher education, and been extensively involved in hydrological consultancy work for public, private and voluntary sector clients. Carolyn was previously leader of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in applied environmental disciplines and was a member of the Quality Assurance Agency's Benchmarking Panel in Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies.

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