Issues in Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Examples of Good Practice in Higher Education Institutions Offering Field Classes

During the field trip

Staff need to pay particular attention to communication in unfamiliar areas, for example for d/Deaf students (see the d/Deaf guide in this series). Ensure sufficient time is available for moving around, at and between sites. Guidance should be given in relation to risk assessment at particular sites, for example in relation to hazards, which will impact differently on students with impairments.

A paper by Cooke et al. (1997) provides excellent examples of the issues involved in running accessible geology field classes from Stanford University, paying specific attention to mobility impairments and accessibility for students who use wheelchairs. An earlier paper by Travis (1990) explains some of the issues relating to visual impairment, but the section on fieldwork is rather less developed than those relating to laboratory classes.

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