Issues in Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Web Sites

CANDO - Gives examples of disability policies and practices.

Disability Rights Commission - includes Code of Practice for Special Education Needs and Disability Act.

Disforum - A discussion list for disabled students and their support staff.

Geography Discipline Network's Annotated Fieldwork Bibliography.

National Disability Team.

National Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES).

Ozcan Konur's Web pages - Includes a section entitled 'Disability page for students with and without disabilities'.

Quality Assurance Agency's Benchmarking Statements. (See also the Geography Discipline Network's Web pages.)

Quality Assurance Agency's Code of Practice Section 3: Students with disabilities (October 1999).

Ritter's Virtual Department Web site.

SKILL - National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.


TechDis - JISC service aimed at enhancing access for those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to learning and teaching, research and administration across higher education through the use of ICT.

University of Newcastle, NSW's Disability Resource Kit for Academic Staff.

Virtual Geography Department.

Virtual Fieldcourse Project.

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