Issues in Providing Learning Support for Disabled Students Undertaking Fieldwork and Related Activities

Role of Fieldwork in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

What types of activities are done in fieldwork?

Fieldwork is any structured experience that takes students to learn outside the classroom, where the object of their studies - whether it be a building, a geological site, a museum or a group of people - is also the place where they study. Sometimes the field visit can be a brief trip for an hour or so; often it can involve overnight stays of a week or more, and in both cases it may be formally assessed. For longer visits the term fieldcourse may be preferred (Jenkins, 1997, p.6). What is done in fieldwork varies in part by discipline course. But it includes:

Fieldwork can also include lengthy individual or group travel to the field location, which may be abroad. Accommodation, domestic arrangements, and end-of-day socialising are often done in groups too, and may be regarded by some as part of the experience of learning, for example, through practising teamwork.

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