Gordon Clark (Editor)

A conference held at Lancaster University
15-16 April 1991


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Abstracts of Chapters
Chapter 1 Geography and the Enterprise in Higher Education initiative: problems and potential.
Gordon Clark
Chapter 2 The management of EHE projects.
John McClatchey
Chapter 3 Enterprise and academic objectives in Geography.
Clive S. Morphet
Chapter 4 Implementing and integrating EHE: the experience of the Department of Environmental and Geographical Studies, Manchester Polytechnic.
David B. Hardman
Chapter 5 Integrating Enterprise into the Geography curriculum: the Salford experience since 1987.
Colin Harrison and Brian P. Hindle
Chapter 6 Geography and Enterprise: the experience of a College of Higher Education.
James W.A. Price and Hugh D. Cutler
Chapter 7 Teaching without lectures: the case of a final-year course in industrial geography.
Michael J. Healey
Chapter 8 Assessing a group-based enterprise project.
Roy W. Alexander
Chapter 9 Student-based collaborative research initiatives with a Family Health Services Authority.
Linda Stanier
Chapter 10 EHE at Polytechnic South West: the geography programme of transferable skills and 'business' placements.
Brian Chalkley
Chapter 11 Industrial placements in a Geography degree: a 'fast track' 71 method.
Ian R. Couch
Chapter 12 What Do Geographers Do? Careers and Enterprise.
John McClatchey, Tessa Cubitt and Adrian Passmore

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