5    Case studies of the application of experiential learning methods

This section contains nine case studies selected for their illustration of experiential learning methods and practice and of the values associated with experiential learning. The case studies complement and add to the methods described in Section 4 and methods are cross-referenced where appropriate. The ways these methods and course designs use the experiential learning cycle and experiential learning principles are highlighted.

The case studies are based on courses which the project team have taught on, have undertaken action research on, acted as consultants to or have studied. The identity of the courses has not been revealed and changes have been made in the way some of the courses have been described.

5.1    Self-assessment of welding skills

5.2    Self-directed learning in office practice

5.3    Computer-based simulations in biology

5.4    A training course for new lecturers in higher education

5.5    "Thirty second theatre"

5.6    Communication skills on a Basic Nursing course

5.7    Self-directed development for further education lecturers

5.8    The use of learning journals in engineering

5.9    Experience-led learning on the City and Guilds 730

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