6    Learning to use experiential methods

This section is designed to enable any group of teachers or trainers to run workshops for themselves in order to introduce themselves to experiential learning theory and methods. Five workshops, each lasting from one to three hours, are described, complete with instructions, materials and detailed timings. The programme for a one-day training event, constructed from these workshops, is also outlined.

The section also summarises some assumptions about how teachers and trainers can change and adopt experiential learning methods, and contains a list of common problems which are encountered when introducing experiential methods into otherwise conventional courses.

6.1 Assumptions about using experiential learning methods
6.2 Problems with experiential learning methods
6.3 Advice on running the workshops
6.4 Workshop 1: Learning sequences and experiential learning
6.5 Workshop 2: Learning styles
6.6 Workshop 3: Teaching and learning methods for experiential learning
6.7 Workshop 4: Case studies in experiential learning
6.8 Workshop 5:

Course design for experiential learning

6.9 Experiential Learning: A one-day workshop

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