The guide has itself been developed through experiential methods. Many of the methods described have been tried out in action research projects in a wide range of contexts. The members of the project team used experiential learning theory to plan experiential learning sessions, carried out these teaching and training sessions and then held debriefings in which they reflected on their experiences in these sessions. More formal evaluation of methods has also been undertaken, using interviews and questionnaires. We have been lucky enough to be allowed to see how others use experiential learning methods on their courses and experienced teachers have given us detailed descriptions of their methods. We believe that the guide offers a cornucopia of ideas for implementing experiential learning and we are confident that you will find things which you can try out in your own teaching and training.

We would like to thank the following people for their help, co-operation and ideas in the preparation of this guide:

John Alexander, John Covell, John Cowan, Trevor Habeshaw, David Jaques, Tony Kelly, Paula McGee.

The "Learning Through Doing" Project team:

Bob Farmer

Diana Eastcott

Graham Gibbs

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