Geography Discipline Network (GDN)

Inclusive Curriculum Project


The project is designed to develop, disseminate and embed resources for supporting disabled students studying geography, earth and environmental sciences in higher education and to transfer the generic lessons widely to subject-based academics, educational developers, learning support staff and disability advisors.

Project Team

The GDN is a consortium of old and new universities based at the University of Gloucestershire. For this project the same team, with one or two changes of personnel, as undertook the previous HEFCE Disability project, has been assembled, which includes lecturers from geography, earth and environmental sciences, educational developers, disability advisors and staff with research experience of disability issues.


We shall produce seven main outputs:

  1. Issues in developing an inclusive curriculum
  2. Developing an inclusive curriculum for students who are wheel chair users or have mobility difficulties
  3. Developing an inclusive curriculum for blind or partially sighted students
  4. Developing an inclusive curriculum for deaf or hard of hearing students
  5. Developing an inclusive curriculum for students with mental health difficulties or Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Asperger Syndrome
  6. Developing an inclusive curriculum for students with hidden disabilities or dyslexia
  7. Developing an inclusive curriculum: a guide for heads of departments and course leaders
  8. Developing an inclusive curriculum: a guide for lecturers
  9. Developing an inclusive curriculum: a guide for departmental support staff (i.e. administrators and technicians)

Funding and timetable

HEFCE has awarded the project £147,363 from 1 January 2003 - 31 December 2005 under its Improving Provision for Disabled Students' programme. The project is being undertaken in consultation with the Learning and Teaching Support Network Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Subject Centre (LTSN-GEES). It has the strong support of the main professional associations and representatives of Heads of Departments in the geography, earth and environmental sciences sector:

The GDN Team for this project consists of:

Lead Site

University of Gloucestershire

Project Director
Professor Mick Healey (Geographer)
Project Manager
Michele Hills
Team members
Dr Jacky Birnie (Environmental Scientist)
Anna Donough (Disability Advisor)
Dr Phil Gravestock (Earth Scientist)
Dr Tim Hall (Geographer)
Dr Margaret Harrison (Geographer)
Carolyn Roberts (Environmental Scientist)


Lancaster University

Team members
Dr Gordon Clark (Geographer)
Terry Wareham (Educational Developer)
Rosemary Turner (Disability Advisor)

Liverpool John Moores University

Team members
Dr Claire Milsom (Earth Scientist)
Naseem Anwar (Disability Advisor)
Sue Thompson (Educational Developer)

Middlesex University

Team member
Professor Ifan Shepherd (Geographer)

Oxford Brookes University

Team members
Professor Alan Jenkins (Educational Developer)
Jonathan Leach (Disability Researcher)

University of Plymouth

Team members
Professor Brian Chalkley (Geographer)
Judith Waterfield (Disability Advisor)

Advisory Panel

Further Information

Professor Mick Healey, Project Director
Tel: +44 (0)1242 543364, Email:
Michele Hills, Project Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1242 531014, Email:
Geography & Environmental Management Research Unit (GEMRU), University of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, GL50 4AZ, UK (Fax: + 44 (0)1242 543283)


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