National Organisations Supporting the Professional Development of Teaching of Geography in Higher Education (HE)

In March 2000 the Geography Discipline Network undertook a survey to study the ways in which National Geography Organisations support the development of their members who teach in higher education. Organisations were asked to complete the questionnaire reproduced below.

Survey results

We are still interested in adding information from other National Geography Organisations to the database. If you represent an Organisation that is not listed in the survey results please complete the answers to the following questions and email them to Phil Gravestock.

Organisational details
WWW Address:  
Postal Address:  

International Telephone Number:  
International Fax Number:  

Approximate number of members:   Approximate % based in HE:  

Contact Name:  
Email Address:  

Main activities to support members who teach geography in HE
1. Does your organisation run workshops and/or conferences on learning and teaching geography in HE, including specific sessions in other conferences, if yes please give a recent example:
  a) Staff/faculty teaching in HE?    
  b) New staff/faculty teaching in HE?    
  c) Graduate teaching assistants?    
2. Does your organisation prepare/publish any of the following that includes material on learning and teaching geography in HE? If yes please give specific examples of an item on this subject:
  a) Newsletter    
  b) Journal(s)    
  c) Books    
3. Do you give grants for HE staff/faculty to research and develop their teaching practice?
If yes, please provide brief details:
4. Do you give awards/prizes for excellence in teaching geography in HE?
If yes, please provide brief details:
5. Do you have a separate group who support geography teachers in HE?
If yes, please give a contact name (including position and email address):
6. Are there any other activities your organisation runs to support geography teachers in HE?
If yes, please give brief details:

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