International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 10:2, 2001

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).

John Lidstone & Joseph Stoltman

Major Papers:

Moral Dilemmas, Narrative and the Teaching of Geography
Michael McPartland

Participatory Evaluation of Environmental Education: Stakeholder Assessment of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
Mallory D. McDuff; Susan K. Jacobson

A Controlled Experiment in Teaching Physical Map Skills to Grade 4 Pupils in Elementary Schools
Shimshon Livni & Varda Bar


Engaging Lessons: Classrooms as Sites of Engagement in Activist Critical Geography
Iain Hay

Major Papers:

Why Advocacy Isn't Enough: Realising the Radical Possibilities of the Classroom
Rich Heyman

Dilemmas of Difference: Teaching the Non-West Critically
Mary Curran & Susan M. Roberts

Normalcy, Freakishness and Critical Pedagogy: Struggling In Here with Lessons in Whiteness
Melanie Wall

Marginal Practices: Teaching Critical Geographical Education to Geographical Educators in Secondary Schools in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Robin Peace

A Manifesto for Cyborg Pedagogy?
Tim Angus, Ian Cook & James Evans

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