International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education - Volume 11:1

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Equality and Equity of Access to Research Journals
John Lidstone; Joseph P. Stoltman

Major Papers

The Influence of Direct Experience on Children's Ideas about the Formation of the Natural Scenery
Mustafa Cin; Hakk Yazc

'Teaching Geography for a Better World'? The Postmodern Challenge and Geography Education
John Morgan

The Evolution of Geography Education in Iranian Schools: Progress and Limitations (1922-2000)
Nahid Fallahian

Environment, Education and Society in the Asia Pacific: Three Key Questions
David Yencken; John Fien; Helen Sykes


An Ecological Approach to Environmental Ethics
J. Mitchell O'Toole

Living on the Edge in Micronesian Ecological Philosophy
James D. Sellman

Environmental Models, Cultural Values, and Emotions: Implications for Marine Resource Use in Tonga
Andrea Bender

Returning to What Matters: Daoist Lessons for Ecofeminisms
Sharon Rowe

Sustainable Ethics: The Divine Principle to Protect and Manage the Earth
Revd Augustine Oyem

Airport Noise and Environmental Justice in South Africa
Paul Goldschagg

Enforcing Environmental Ethics: Civic Law and Natural Value
Holmes Rolston III

A Case for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Catherine Stoicovy

Monday Morning: Ethical Issues in Secondary School Classrooms
J. Mitchell O'Toole

Book Reviews

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