International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 2:2, 1993

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Major papers:

Down, under? Australian geography and the new managerialist dynamic
J.M. Powell

Geopedagogy as battleground: the contribution of textbook sanitisation to the Russification and cultural genocide of Ukraine
Paul F. Thomas

Values education in secondary school geography in Guangzhou
Chi-Chung Lam

"Why did they build this hill so steep?": problems of assessing primary children's understanding of physical landscape features in the context of the UK National Curriculum
Doug Harwood and Pamela Jackson

The application of cognitive load theory to improve the learning of spatial information
Ken Purnell and Robert Solman


Environmental education: international approaches and policies
Andrew Convey

The Ecomuseum project on the Simplon Pass in the Swiss Alps (Canton Valais) and its significance for environmental education
Klaus Aerni

Environmental education and the national curriculum in the United Kingdom
John Huckle

Appreciating the ecological value of the landscape; a contribution by geography to environmental education
Herbert Kersberg

Expressions of interest in environmental issues by US secondary geography students
Phil Klein

Geography teaching and environmental education - a Dutch perspective
Joop van der Schee

Ecology education and geography in Slovenia
Karmen Cunder

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