International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 4:1, 1995

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Major papers:

Associations between student outcomes and geography classroom environment
George P. L. Teh and Barry J. Fraser

Young children's freehand sketch maps of the world
Patrick Wiegand

Evaluating the impact of teaching/learning experiences during an environmental teacher education course
Roy Ballantyne

An inductive approach to levels of attainment
Peter Davies

An exploratory study of the reasoning of two Hong Kong secondary six students about environmental issues: two styles of environmental personality
Ho, Kwok Pui


Microcomputer-based analysis of environmental change
D. Scott Slocombe

Environmental education and environmental information systems: a project on the Grand River Basin, Ontario
Bob Sharpe

Earth system changes: use of science data in environmental education
Rosanne W. Fortner

Knowing your local community: the role of socio-economic profiles for learning about the changing west
Jerry D. Johnson

Needs assessment techniques for environmental education
Susan K Jacobson

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