International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 6:1, 1997

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Major Papers:

Geographical Concepts: Their Complexity and Their Grading
Volker Kaminske

Reflections of STS Discussions in the Reform of Finnish 'Environmental-science' Education
Arvo Peltonen

Strategies for Geographic Memory: Oh, What a State We're In!
Madeleine Gregg, Catherine Stainton and Gaea Leinhardt


Textbooks and Textbook Research in Geographical Education: Some Intemational Views
Guest Editor: Norman Graves

Research on Geography Textbooks in the United States
Sarah W. Bednarz

The Ecosystem Approach to the Development of a School Atlas
Benoit Robert

The United Kingdom in Portuguese Geography Textbooks from 1836 to 1974
Maria Manuela Malheiro Ferreira

Geography Textbook Analysis: A Danish Perspective
Ove Biilman

Research on Geography Textbooks in Italy
Maria Fiori

School Geography Textbooks in Francophone Belgium
B. Merenne-Schoumaker

Explanation and Causality in Year 12 (Premiere) French Geography Textbooks: An Inevitable Halo of Common Sense?
Jean-Michel Bernardin

Education for Europe by Means of Geography School Textbooks?
Uta Weinbrenner Geography Textbooks in Spanish Schools: Caught Between Traditional and Innovatory Forces
Agustin Hernando

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