International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 7:2, 1998

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Main Papers:

Learning To Teach Environmental Issues
Graham Corney

A Response to Apparently Low Levels of Numeracy and Literacy Amongst First Year University Environmental Science Students: A Numeracy and Literacy Skills Survey
William E. Boyd, Murray Cullen, David Bass, Jenifer Pittman and Jan Regan

The Interpretation of Geographical Photographs by 11- and 14-Year-old Students
Sian Jones


Introduction: Examining Values in Geographical and Environmental Education
Frances Slater and David Lambert

Valuing Professional Development in the Creation of the Best Geography Teachers
A. David Hill and Emily Lockyear

Collop Valuing Conversation: Opening up the Concept of Prejudice
David Lambert

To Recognise One's Self in a Foreign Mask: Concerning the Education of Values in 'One-World' Teaching
Sabine Troger

Values and Ideology in Descriptions of Jerusalem in Geography Schoolbooks: The Israeli Case Yoram Bar-Gal

Illustrating Values in Geography Education Through an Examination of Research
Frances Slater

Values in Geography Education and Teacher Training
Agustin Hernando

Book Reviews:

Geography 11-16 Rekindling Good Practice
Innovation in Geographical Education: 28th International Geographical Congress, August 1996

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