International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 8:1, 1999

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Main Papers:

Pre-teenage Children's Vernacular Perception and Experience of Maps in Hong Kong
Tammy Kwan

An Intergenerational Education Project Aiming at the Improvement of People's Relationship with their Environment
Diane Pruneau, Omer Chouinard, Charline Arsenault and Nathalie Breau

Teaching Environmental Concepts, Attitudes and Behaviour Through Geography Education: Findings of an International Survey
Roy Ballantyne


Research in UK Primary Geography
Rachel Bowles

Issues for Research in UK Primary Geography
Simon Catling

Children's Understanding of Maps
Patrick Wiegand

Children's Views in Physical Geography
Margaret Mackintosh

Learning About the World: A Global Perspective
Julia Tanner

Contrasting Views on Locality between Child and Adult
Fran Martin

Using the Enquiry Approach in Primary Geographical Education
Marcia Foley

Widening Children's Horizons with a European Perspective
John Halocha

Environmental Education and Primary Geography
Bill Chambers

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